How The Re-Return Got Its Name

So, we were talking about the finale one day:


Ted spends a lot of time getting over Robin, not just in the floaty part.


There’s the distinction. Is it Ted getting over Robin, or is it Ted telling himself he’s over Robin?

The casual viewer is going to see that differently.


I think he genuinely had to get over Robin to be so damn happy with Tracy. (I’m coming around to Tracy)

But, Ted and Robin are great together. If The Mother had to die, Robin makes sense.


Hmm…ok, that’s fair.

So, it’s not a regression to Robin, it’s a re-return.


It is a re-return!

Like vomiting on her customized doormat.


I’m pretty proud of myself for saying re-return just now. Not going to lie.


That was good.

And now we have a podcast.

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