belly full of turkey how i met your mother

Ep. 9 — That’s how we made a joke fly over your heads for 9 years

Remember the first time Barney peed on something and helped people? Remember the first time Robin was a bitchin’ wingwoman? Remember the first time we meet Marshall’s family, and how unrealistically tall they all were? Take a walk down HIMYM memory lane in The Re-Return’s discussion of season 1, episode 9, “Belly Full of Turkey.”

Listen to Ep. 9 —That’s how we made a joke fly over your heads for 9 years

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the duel how i met your mother

Ep. 8 — New York real estate, the Lemon Law, and you

Erin and Leer take on “The Duel,” in which bros battle for the future of their castle and a fair maiden is caught in the epic fight, Barney invents a new way to offend women, and Robin dates one of Apatow’s Geeks who accuses her of being a hooker. Who wants Chinese?

Listen to Ep. 8 — New York real estate, the Lemon Law, and You

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Ep. 7 — Ted officially has a stalker M.O.

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match…” In this classic, Ted stalks and propositions his first dermatologist while Lily and Marshall attempt to capture the Big Bad mysterious creature. Robin doesn’t do anything and even with an excellent alias, Barney still can’t nail any chicks.

Listen to Ep. 7 — Ted officially has a stalker M.O.

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Oh, and we’re totally wrong in the episode about that song being called “Landslide.” It’s “Parallel Or Together?” by Ted Leo.

Ep. 6 — You know, Kahlua and root beer is really pretty good

Let’s travel back to several years past a time of policitcal turmoil in our nations history; Ted’s hanging chad costume clings to relevancy as gay pirates rule the day. Ted’s all-too-overt search for hope in a lost woman sits in opposition to Barney’s search for anyone that’ll have him as Robin double dates with Lily and Marshall in her quest to remain single.

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Ep. 5 — E’rybody in da club damagin’ their hearin’

ARE YOU READY TO PARRRRRTAY? Wine and cheese party, that is. Erin and Leer dive into classic How I Met Your Mother season one episode “Okay Awesome,” a confection of fun featuring the Lily’s attempts to adult, Marshall’s attempts to not adult, Ted’s hatred of all things fun, Robin’s questionable vision of her own fame, and, of course, Barney grinding on his cousin.

Listen to Ep. 5 — E’rybody in da club damagin’ their hearin’

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Ep. 4 — Not a great shirt, not a great reporter, and Ted Mosby’s worst crime

Good God, Ted Mosby. Could you be worse?

THE SHIRT IS TERRIBLE. The past is terrible. What you did to Natalie is terrible. And so are Robin’s journalistic ethics.

Listen in to our discussion of How I Met Your Mother S01E04, “Return of the Shirt”:

Is Natalie Ted’s worst crime? Did you know what Krav Maga was in 2005? And, tell us your break-up stories! What was your worst break-up? Hit the comments and let us know, or tell us on Twitter at @TheReReturn.

Ep. 3 — A lifetime supply of condoms awaits you at baggage claim

If you’re feeling the need to challenge the TSA, maybe don’t.

But, don’t be a buzzkill like Ted and whine about a free trip to Philadelphia. Also: Bring condoms and a PowerBar.

Listen in to our discussion of How I Met Your Mother S01E03, “The Sweet Taste of Liberty”:

What’s the craziest, most ill-fated last-minute trip story? Anyone head to Bora Bora or Vegas and get into some trouble? How much safe sex could Barney have with that suitcase of condoms? And tell us, did you love Marshal as much as we did? Would you lick the Liberty Bell?


Ep. 2 — Ted’s the most casual stalker ever!

Oh, good God, Ted. “Most casual stalker ever” is not a title you should be going for.

Meanwhile, meet law school Marshall, horny Lily, and unrealistic career goals Robin. Oh, and Barney hooking up on the roof.

Listen in to our discussion of How I Met Your Mother S01E02, “Purple Giraffe”:

Hit the comments and tell us, how much do we hate Ted? Did Robin get over the honeymoon period of her new job too quickly? Will Lily ever get a storyline that’s not about Marshall? Are Barney’s schemes charming or criminal?

How The Re-Return Got Its Name

So, we were talking about the finale one day:


Ted spends a lot of time getting over Robin, not just in the floaty part.


There’s the distinction. Is it Ted getting over Robin, or is it Ted telling himself he’s over Robin?

The casual viewer is going to see that differently.


I think he genuinely had to get over Robin to be so damn happy with Tracy. (I’m coming around to Tracy)

But, Ted and Robin are great together. If The Mother had to die, Robin makes sense.


Hmm…ok, that’s fair.

So, it’s not a regression to Robin, it’s a re-return.


It is a re-return!

Like vomiting on her customized doormat.


I’m pretty proud of myself for saying re-return just now. Not going to lie.


That was good.

And now we have a podcast.