Meet The Re-Return

You know how Ted Mosby watches Star Wars all the time?

“That is Ted’s favorite movie of all time. He watches it when he’s home sick with the flu. He watches it on rainy Sunday afternoons in the fall. He… he watches it on Christmas Eve! Ted watches Star Wars in sickness and in health, in good times and bad.”
—Marshall, “Do I Know You?”

Erin and Leer are like Ted, only instead of Star Wars, they watch How I Met Your Mother. All the time. Other than drinking and Archer and every now and then Community, HIMYM is all they talk about. In the course of so many viewings that they’ve lost count, Erin and Leer have acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of the timeline, catchphrases, mythology and characters that make the show tick. And now they have a podcast! And a blog!

Let’s be honest: They started the blog so they could constantly proclaim, “THIS IS TOTALLY GOING ON MY BLOG!” You know, Barney-style.

After the series finale, both Erin and Leer felt they had no reason to go on. With just about anything. Erin cried and ate all the pizza and cookie dough she could find just to process her grief over The Mother’s death. Leer took to fighting people on the Internets over the ending (he liked it, Reddit and Facebook did not). To deal with the gaping hole of emptiness in their lives, they decided to embark upon an epic quest to rewatch every single HIMYM from the beginning and share their crazy ramblings with the world.

Ready? It’s going to be LEGEN(wait for it)DARY. Legendary.

Oh, and one more thing. Get your dueling swords off the wall, because here be spoilers. Lots of them. And Erin and Leer will fight you if you complain about it.

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